Initial Records Extreme Sampler - Compilado - 1999

1 As Friends Rust -Home Is Where The Heart Aches
2 Botch -John Woo
3 Boy Sets Fire -The Fine Art Of Falling
4 Cave In -Moral Eclipse
5 Chalkline -Present Tense
6 Chamberlain -Go Down Believeing
7 Coalesce -A New Language
8 Corrin -Seed Of Cain
9 Darkest Hour -Reflections Of Ruin
10 Elliot -Suitcase and Atoms
11 Enkindels -Florida Trash
12 Fastbreak -Fast Cars Fast Women
13 Get High -Darkness Divider
14 Give Until Gone -For
15 Harvest -Epicure
16 In My Eyes -The Way It Was Left
17 Indecision -Dream Come True
18 Ink And Dagger -The Fine Art Of Original Sin
19 Jazz June -When The Drums
20 Jejune -This Afternoons Malady
21 Keepsake -Infinity Road
22 Metroschifter -The Name Of A Street
23 Stalag Seventeen -Margin = 1

Arto punk, hardcore, segun ellos muy extremos, pero pos si esta bien, encontraras algunas bandas no muy conocidas...

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